Training A Trainer

ST=Senior Trainer
AT=Aspiring Trainer 

(Every line count as 1 speech bubble)

ST: Hello, Welcome to training. Today, i'll teach you the basic rules about training a recruit.
ST: During the course, i suggest to listen carefully. Make notes if possible.
ST: Do not go AFK or BRB, that would result you in failing.
ST: Also, During this Session. Do not speak unless told to.
ST: So,ready to get started?

AT: Yes ma'am/sir

ST: Training a recruit is crucial and must be executed properly at best way possible
ST: since afterall, they will become our future leaders
ST: so let's start with the basics.

ST: Part 1: Opening the Training Script

ST: Go to and let me know when you're there

AT: Yes Sir/ma'am

ST: Good. you'll see there 3 Categories namely General and Random Discussion and Affairs Team
ST: Click the General Discussion Category
ST: Once there find the [NOPD] Training Script
ST: Let me know when you open the script

AT: done

ST: Good. Opening the script will consume seconds.
ST: so before going and train someone. make sure to open the script ahead of time
ST: or just copy the script and paste it on notepad for easy access.
ST: Posting it on notepad has its advantages. no delays, and can place your promotion tag
ST: Understand?

AT: Yes Sir/Maam

HT: Part 2: What the Script look like

ST: I'll discuss how the script must looks like
ST: 1st, All the words must be properly copied and pasted from the script to habbo chat bar
ST: 2nd, Every line count as 1 speech bubble
ST: 3ed, When Training a recruit,the training must take place inside the training rooms.
ST: 4th, always bold your text to be seen clearly
ST: Do you understand?

AT: Yes Sir/Maam

ST: Good. since you understand. copy and paste the first 2 lines of the training script.

(this should be look as based on PART 2)
AT: Hello, Welcome to NOPD Training, Im your trainer for today.
AT: You have just registered to be an officer within the New Orleans Police Department.

ST: Good.

ST: Part 3: Practice Training Session

ST: in this part, I'll be the recruit and you're the trainer.
ST: All you need to do is train me according to what we've been discussed.

(Practice Training session)  

ST: Good! now you're officially a trainer at NOPD!
ST: Request for the trainers badge
ST: And change motto to [NOPD] Trainer l [Promotion tag] [AB]
ST: Congratulations! BTB and good luck.
Made by TA: Nicaella      Edit By : Cordean       Approved by: Codean 

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