Now you may be thinking well how the hell do i get points removed? Well its simple, every day 10 points are deducted from your warning point total.

Its as simple as that.

Rules and regulations of NOPD (New Orleans Police Department)

1. Never ask for promotions, pay or rights.

2. Never scam.

3. Never use any foul language within base.

4. Never use any effects within base.

5. Always address higher ranks as "Sir" or "Ma'am"

6. Never discriminate anyone regardless of rank or gender.

7. Never let intruders into HQ (people without the correct badge and motto).

8. Always follow orders given by higher ranks.

9. Never double job (working at two armies at once).

10. Never go AFK or BRB on front desk or security.

11. Never use capital letters within base.

12. Never spam any of the NOPD rooms.

13. ONLY people with the 'Payment' badge are allowed to sell ranks.

If any of these rules are ever broken by an NOPD worker and you wish to report it, please make sure that you have a print screen of what happend, so we can use it as evidence. (normally the button next to your F12 key)

If these rules are broken for whatever reason, you will be punished in the following order:


*Strike one

*Strike two

*Strike three (You will possibly be kicked from HQ)

*Strike four (You will most likely be demoted)

*Strike five (It is very likely that you will be fired)

If you are demoted, and you refuse to change motto or demote yourself, this may and most likely will result in you being FIRED. If however you apologise for your actions, you may just be put on probation instead, and you will be assigned probation officers who will watch and determine if you have earned back your place in NOPD. If YOU wish to fire or suspend a member of NOPD for a valid reason, please notify a founder.


Starting ranks, ‘Officer I’ through to ‘Captain’ will wear the uniform on the mannequins.

Trainers and Security will either wear the mannequin uniform or a suit but, trainers will change the shirt colour to white, and security will change the shirt colour to grey.

Division Ranks and above may wear something different, however it SHOULD be kept smart.

Recruiting on the front desks information:

Transfers - High rank transfers are currently closed, only division transfers are currently open. (if this changes, this will be updated)

People asking for a transfer - Check that their current group has at least 1000 members, and that they have the correct badge to comply with their motto (some people just state a high motto for a transfer when they have only just joined their current group - so be careful!)

Make sure NOPD workers have correct motto, badge and uniform (if their rank needs one) before letting them into HQ.

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