Habbo NOPD: Christmas Time!!

Tis The Season

Quote Of The Week: Work Don't Fool Around And Get Paid! - -Chucky-

The New Poll

Please vote to see if you like the new NOPD Website, If you don't like the new NOPD Website or You would rather stick with the forums and me threatened by Other places. We will be updating the poll and the next one will be a Christmas Game. Wait and find out.

NOPD: Forum Tip

We already have a forum but here are some problems. Once we get more people getting fired we have a more risk of people spamming on out Forum.

About The Problem

See think about this. More people fired Means more risk of having NCIS or the people fired to start spamming on the Forum. Only Founders and Me (-Chucky-) Will know the Login info. So please vote to have this out new Website. Kapeck will have to agree to get rid of the Forum and be using this website.

NOPD: Poll

Do you like the new NOPD Website?

Main NOPD Kos

 Callum32 Is Put on KOS For this below:

Callum got rid of everyones rights and gave rights to The NCIS. He has trashed training room 3 and more stuff. Please if you see callum any were around the NOPD Please tell a Founder or a person with rights. If you want someone to be on KOS Please contact a Founder right away. I Will be putting a request to transfer and to put someone on KOS.


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