Recruit [Can Not Promote]
Officer I [Can Not Promote]
Officer II [Can Not Promote]
Officer III [Can Not Promote]
Patrol Officer [Can Not Promote]
Noble Officer I [Can Not Promote]
Noble Officer II [Can Not Promote]
Noble Officer III [Can Not Promote]
Noble Squad Leader [Can Not Promote]
Captain [Can Not Promote]

High Ranking Officers (in this rank you are allowed to watch training and sometime go in security for learning)

Constable [Can Not Promote]
Assistant Chief Constable [Can Not Promote]
Chief Constable  [Can Not Promote]
Sergeant [Can Not Promote]
Lieutenant [Can Not Promote]
Commander [Can Not Promote]
Colonel [Can Not Promote]
Major [Can Not Promote]
Chief Superintendent [Can Not Promote]

-----Note:You can only pick to either be: Trainer, Security, Law or Jail.-
-----Note: All Ranks in these 4 Divisions are Equal-----

Training Ranks

Trainer I [Noble Officer I]
Trainer II [Noble Officer I]
Trainer III [Noble Officer I]
Established Trainer [Noble Officer I]
Experienced Trainer I [Noble Officer I]
Experienced Trainer II [Noble Officer I]
Experienced Trainer III [Noble Officer I]
Snr.Trainer I [Trainer I]
Snr.Trainer II [Trainer II]
Snr.Trainer III [Trainer III]
Head of Training [Established Trainer]


Security Ranks

Security I [Can Not Promote]
Security II [Can Not Promote]
Security III [Can Not Promote]
Experienced Security I [Can Not Promote]
Experienced Security II [Can Not Promote]
Experienced Security III [Can Not Promote]
Security Patrol I [Can Not Promote]
Security Patrol II [Can Not Promote]
Security Patrol III [Can Not Promote]
Snr.Security I [Security I]
Snr.Security II [Security II]
Snr.Security III [Security III]
Head of Security [Experienced Security I]

THM (Trial High Management)

Trial High Management [Established Trainer]


HM (High Management) Ranks

Jnr.Chief Curator [Established Trainer]
Chief Curator [Established Trainer]
Jnr.HQ Manager [Experienced Trainer I]
HQ Manager [Jnr.Chief Curator]
Snr.HQ Manager [Chief Curator]
Overseer [Jnr.HQ Manager]
Jnr.Head of HQ [HQ Manager]
Head of HQ [Snr.HQ Manager]


Detectives & Forensics

Trial Investigations Officer [Snr.HQ Manager]
Experienced Investigations Officer [Snr.HQ Manager]
Advanced Investigations Officer [Snr.HQ Manager]
Elite Investigations Officer [Overseer]
Senior Investigations Officer [Overseer]
Investigations Director [Jnr.Head of HQ]
Investigations Manager [Jnr.Head of HQ]
Investigations Chief [Head of HQ]
Head of D & F [Head of HQ]


SR (Senior Ranks)

Head of Alliances [Trial Investigations Officer]
Head of Affinities [Experienced Investigations Officer]
Jnr.Head of Missions [Advanced Investigations Officer]
Advisor [Elite Investigations Officer]
Executive [Senior Investigations Officer]
Head of Executives [Investigations Director]
C.E.O (Chief Executive Officer) [Investigations Manager] 
C.O.O (Chief Operating Officer) [Investigations Chief]
Commissioner [Head of D & F]


Owner Ranks

Co-Owner [Advisor]
Owner [C.E.O]


Senior Council Ranks

Council Member [Commissioner]
Experienced Council Member [Commissioner]
Council Advisor I [Co-Owner]
Council Advisor II [Co-Owner]
Council Advisor III [Co-Owner]
Council Organizer [Owner]
Managing Council Member [Owner]
Director of Affairs [Owner]
Overseer of Affairs [Owner]
Head of Council [Owner]


Office of Administration Ranks

Junior Admin. (Junior Administrator) [Council Member]
Admin Asst. (Administration Assistant) [Experienced Council Member]
Administrator [Council Advisor I]
Chief Admin (Chief Administrator) [Council Advisor II]
Senior Admin (Senior Administrator) [Council Advisor III]
Est.Admin (Established Administrator) [Council Organizer]
Superior Admin. (Superior Administrator) [Managing Council Member]
Premium Admin (Premium Administrator) [Director of Affairs]
Chancellor [Overseer of Affairs]
Senior Chancellor [Head of Council]
H.O.A (Head of Administration [Head of Council]


Board of Chairmen Ranks

Jnr.Chairman/woman [Junior Admin]
Chairman/woman [Administrator]
Snr.Chairman/woman [Chief Admin]
Asst.Head of Chairmen [Chancellor]
Head of Chairmen [Head of Administration]


Directors of Ranks

Director of Low Ranks [Chairman/woman]
Director of Trainers [Chairman/woman]
Director of Security [Chairman/woman]
Director of Law [Chairman/woman]
Director of Jail [Chairman/woman]
Director of HM (Director of High Management) [Snr.Chairman/woman]
Director of D & F [Asst.Head of Chairmen]
Director of SR (Director of Senior Ranks) [Head of Chairmen]
Director of Owners [Head of Chairmen]
Director of Senior Council [Head of Chairmen]
Director of Office of Admin [Director of Low Ranks]
Director of Board of Chairmen [Director of Trainers]


Presidential Ranks

Asst.Vice President [Director of Jail]
Vice President [Director of Owners]
President [Director of Office of Admin]


International Affairs (IA) Ranks

O.P.R (Officer of Professional Responsibility) [Director of Board of Chairmen]
C.O.A.C (Chief of Alcohol Control) [Director of Board of Chairmen]
C.O.F.C (Chief of Firearms Control) [Director of Board of Chairmen]
C.O.D.C (Chief of Drug Control) [Director of Board of Chairmen]
F.A.A (Foreign Affairs Advisor)  [Asst.Vice President]
I.O (Immigration Officer) [Vice President]
H.O.I (Head of Immigration) [Vice President] 
P.A.R (Public Affairs Reporter) [Vice President]
I.T.O (International Trade Officer) [Vice President]
Programming Assistant [President]
International Banker [President]
Consular Assistant [President]
Event Planner [Officer of Professional Responsibility]
Foreign Service Officer (F.S.O) [C.O.A.C]
Intelligence Officer [C.O.F.C]
Program Assistant [C.O.D.C]
Inspectorate General [F.A.A]
Diplomat [F.S.O]
Deputy Sheriff [P.A.R]
Asst.Sheriff [International Banker]
Sheriff [Event Planner]


Junior Chiefs Ranks

Chief Debriefing Officer
Chief Legal Officer
Chief Promotion Officer
Chief Specialist Officer 
Chief Strategy Officer
Chief Visionary Officer
Chief Relations Officer
Chief Process Officer
Chief Communications Officer
Chief Executive Manager


Chief Management Ranks

Chief Internal Affairs Manager
Chief Auditory Manager
Promotion Management Chief
Chief Human Resources Manager
Chief International Officer 
Chief Regulation Manager 


Board Of Executives 

Executive Board Member
Executive Board Official
Executive Chairman of The Board


Founder Ranks

Deputy Founder [All Ranks Below Them]
Asst.Founder [All Ranks Below Them]
Founder [All Ranks Below Them]
Head Of Founders [All Ranks Below Them]


(Lower) Executive Founder Ranks

Dept.Exec.Founder [All Ranks Below Them]
Asst.Executive Founder [All Ranks Below Them]


Executive Founder Ranks

Executive Founder [All Ranks Below Them]
Snr.Executive Founder [All Ranks Below Them]
Co-Chief Executive Founder [All Ranks Below Them]
Chief Executive Founder [All Ranks Below Them]



(kapeck1) [All Ranks Below] 

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